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2023 Finalists

1st: Dhakai

2nd: Classroom Clinic

3rd: Enciente Health








2022 Finalists

1st: Continuum Ag

2nd: Farm Story Meats

3rd: DenScore



2021 Finalists

1st: Skroot Laboratory

2nd: OpenLoop

3rd: No Limbits

2020 Finalists

1st: 3D Health Solutions

2nd: FBB Biomed

3rd: Roboflow

Honorable Mention: OpenLoop

Honorable Mention: Skroot Labs

Honorable Mention: Stratafolio

2019 Finalists

1st: Rantizo

2nd: Cartiligen

3rd: Vet Measure

4th: Emory Dry Ice

Honorable Mention: Nebullam Firefly

Honorable Mention: No Limbits

Honorable Mention: Photonics

2018 Finalists

1st: Power Pollen

2nd: Insulights

3rd: TractorZoom

Honorable Mention: Smart Ag

Honorable Mention: Verdi Life

2017 Finalists

1st: Gross Wen Technologies (GWT)


3rd: Pablow

Honorable Mention: Smart Ag

Honorable Mention: Terva

2016 Finalists

1st: Performance Livestock Analytics

2nd: Punctil Health

3rd: SwineTech

2015 Finalists

1st: Innovas Technologies

2nd: Fanstreamm

3rd: Immortagen

2014 Finalists

1st: PearDeck

2nd: Green Start LLC

3rd: owa Adaptive Technologies

2013 Finalists

1st: R-pipe

2nd: Memcine Pharmaceuticals Inc.

3rd: ScoutPro Inc.

2012 Finalists

1st: Iowa Powder Atomization Technologies (IPAT)

2nd: Data2Bio

3rd: FxRedux Solutions

2011 Finalists

1st: VSI Aerospace

2nd: FloMetrix

3rd: Radiology Protocols

2009 Finalists

1st: Bodyviz

2nd: Innovative Energy Solutions

3rd: Energy Control Technologies

2010 Finalists

1st: Energy Control Technologies

2nd: IDx - Ophthalmology Diagnostics

3rd: LuCELLa Biosciences, Inc. 

2008 Finalists

1st: Submittal Exchange

2nd: Reference LLC

3rd: Innovative Vibration Solutions, Inc.

2007 Finalists

1st: Ensoft

2nd: EndoMetric

3rd: TMT Manufacturing

2006 Finalists

1st: iSEEK

2nd: Harris Vaccines

3rd: Latham High Tech Hybrids

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